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Ground Score’s Sewing Program teaches people basic hand and machine sewing plus product design to encourage a supportive and resourced repair and redesign culture within the community. Utilizing the emerging circular economy at Ground Score, we hope to eventually develop this into a fully functioning eco-production studio where all products are created from material headed to the landfill.

We provide accessible, slow-paced sewing education that meets participants where they are. We know that anyone—regardless of their socioeconomic or social situation—can benefit from this kind of work if given the right environment.

"One Hundred Homes" (pictured) was hand sewn by Rachel Linden at Ground Score. They created this giant, beautiful canopy entirely from broken tents diverted from the landfill!

One Hundred Homes, a giant hand sewn canopy made at Ground Score out of broken tent materials diverted from the landfill, out on a sunny day in Portland, Oregon with the sun shining through the diffrent colored parts of it--reds, greens, blues, whites, grays, and more!

Clothing waste collected by our G.L.I.T.T.E.R. program is taken to Hygiene4All PDX for washing and redistribution, and non-reusable clothes are sent for rag-making. Some textile waste such as broken tent material is upcycled through our Reuse and Repair program. Workers use it to create zip-up pouches, handbags, and more!

Photo of a Ground Score worker sitting at a table and smiling while using a sewing machine in Ground Score's warehouse in Portland, Oregon. He is wearing a black beanie with the Ground Score logo and a purple sweatshirt.

Ground Score tables at events. There, you can purchase cards, stickers, T-shirts, and various items handmade by Ground Score workers out of materials diverted from the landfill. To order items, contact Taylor Cass Talbott at Taylor[at]groundscoreassociation[dot]org 

Photo of two Ground Score coordinators standing behind a table with Ground Score merchandise set up on it, a lot of which was handmade by Ground Score workers. There are also several black Ground Score T-shirts hanging behind the coordinators and around the table. This table is set up inside Ground Score's warehouse in Portland, Oregon.
Close-up photo of Ground Score merchandise table showing various items handmade by Ground Score workers, including zip-up pouches made of diverted broken tent material, felt toy bats, and bracelets. There are also magnets and stickers with the Ground Score logo and with a design hand-drawn by a Ground Score worker.
A photo of a puppy with fabric swatches & yard at Ground Score Sewing Program
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